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“As humans, we play things so safe and everything “makes sense” or is “figured out” and is how it’s supposed to be,” said vocalist Dallas Taylor of the upcoming album.

“I hope it will make people question their lives and how they do things, and make people realize what they have. This is the most serious thing we’ve ever done and the most grown-up record I’ve ever made in my life.

(One she dropped soon after, but the version scheduled for release is not her cut.)In the end, the movie's tortuous path has not led to a place of peace, as it sometimes does with a long-gestating passion project.

"I spent the entire day with Nina and that photographer in that apartment. And then, after a long pause, she added, "That's how much she moved me."Mort sounded wistful talking about it.

When writer-director Cynthia Mort spent a day with Nina Simone in the early '90s, she didn't dare imagine that the legendary singer would be the subject of her debut feature film..that the film would become an agonizing, incendiary calamity.

Mort had never been in awe of anyone the way she was with Simone, and when an acquaintance was going to photograph the musician in her apartment on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood for Rolling Stone, Mort was determined to meet her."I said, 'I gotta go, because I love her,'" Mort said, recounting the story recently at a diner not far from that former home of Simone's.

The striking cover art for ‘Maylene and the Sons of Disaster: IV’ was designed by Forefathers Group [Children of Bodom, In Flames, Between the Buried and Me].

On the record, the band continues its focused conceptual and lyrical bent which plots MAYLENE as renegade outlaws from a 1920’s gangster / prohibition era real-life crime family.

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