Dating tips for shy men

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For the longest time I could never understand why it took so long for me to develop rapport with women… By jumping right into rapport you create a more natural feeling conversation and give her the feeling of “knowing you forever.” I know you’ve experienced it…talking to a woman, and feeling like you’re on a job interview.

A confident man can comfortably make eye contact with a cute stranger, offer a friendly smile, and strike up a casual conversation without seeming phony or full of himself.

I also wrote a follow up to this article on some of the unique issues shy women struggle with.

I'll break this down further below, but their central problem is that they're just really anxious, scared, and inhibited around women.

This is the dreaded “interview mode.” This happens when you don’t know what to talk about so to keep the conversation going you ask questions like: It’s not the questions themselves that kill you… and the steady stream of fact based answers that destroy any sort of “chemistry.” A conversation is supposed to fun vibing back and forth… In my video I also talk about “Taking Her Back to the Playground” which is all about avoiding the boring conversation- and turning it into a fun game.

Click the Next Page to learn “The Biggest Mistake” IAM out of mistakes now. if i touch a woman and she say whats wrong with you toaday what should be the answer since it is the first time for me to touch her body in a funny way?

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I'll list some quick suggestions at the end, but for the most part I'll describe the issues shy guys deal with and let you draw your own conclusions about how to act.

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