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, which is currently on view at Art League Houston (ALH). The exhibition features paintings of celestial bodies in ceramic drag, as well as hand crocheted drawings and sculptures of bears, antennas, equine familiars, and the axis mundi to explore notions of queerness in all its rainbow spectrum glory!It’s a happy space, and it’s fun to see (and roll around on the ground with) the pillowy forms that are scattered across the floor of ALH’s Front Gallery.They really do just hand those jobs out (just kidding, we love you Jenise S, please don't silence us).

Kelley did open things up materially for artists in terms of allowing for low toy culture to be used as material, however most of his work with crochet would not have been possible without the hard work of the feminist art movement.

The only time he would bring up the hometown arena was when he would talk about how blessed everyone was to see him live and in person ("Finally, The Rock has come back to…[name of city]! The Rock had transformed himself from a smiling glad-hander, Rocky Maivia, to a cocky, Elvis-crooning greaser that would only speak about himself in the third-person.

The Rock would say things that were strangely unhip, and almost anachronistic, that wound up being so off-the-wall that they became infectious catch-phrases. The Rock would also issue warnings to one and all to "know your role" – which would then constitute, upon completion, "shutting one's mouth." The Rock's entrance-theme, which was a morphing of the old Nation of Domination theme, suddenly had pizzazz – and sound bites!

So, welcome to the Park, a pants-free adventuring environment.

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Some of them are chain-smoking homicide detectives, cynical from years on the job. you got 15 minutes, now you have to wait" -Jenise S Always absent when needed and needed when absent, Jenise is wise, down-to-Earth, logical, and elderly all at the same time.