Updating kitchen cabinets with molding

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Updating kitchen cabinets with molding

Okay, so the reason that is the first thing in bold red text, is because I know I am going to get comments “Why don't you just paint your cabinets?

” BUT our Realtor advised us not to paint because we decided to rent our home and not sell it.

Kitchens are more than just where you prepare your meals.

You can get as decorative as you want by adding trim.Supplies: 1″ x 6″ Oak, or matching lumber in needed length (see diagram below) Oak Crown Molding (we used vinyl composite oak look moldings) Pine 5/16″ half round molding, same length as header plus an inch or two.(use oak if available) Natural Oak Stain (or matching shade to your existing cabinets) Polyurethane spray paint (or regular polyurethane in matching finish to your cabinets – satin for us) Scrap blocking wood, for cleats and backing blocks 1. Then, I sanded with a fine sand paper until the wood was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I rinsed the doors and drawers with water and let them dry completely.

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For the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you ways to update things without replacing or spending a fortune. Whether you add trim to the doors or paint your cabinets, you can get a great look without spending a lot of money.

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