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and methods of teasing out causal relationships between variables and observables.

If human observations are involved, you may get detailed descriptions of blind and double-blind experimental designs.

The main problem is that people confuse falsifiable and falsification, often do not even seem to notice there is a difference, whereas they have very different roles in science.His work is notable for its wide influence both within the philosophy of science, within science itself, and within a broader social context.Popper’s early work attempts to solve the problem of demarcation and offer a clear criterion that distinguishes scientific theories from metaphysical or mythological claims.We invent theoretical entities and explanations all the time, but very rarely are they stated in ways that are falsifiable.It is also quite rare for anything in science to be stated in the form of a deductive argument.

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Experiments often aren’t done to falsify theories, but to provide the weight of repeated and varied observations in support of those same theories. There are two ways we could approach adding the weight of experiment to a particular theory.